Fast and responsive navigation

[zoom x, zoom y, partial freezing, search, …] Go from a full chromosome view to a 1bp resolution 1 second.


No assembly constraints, you can compare data coming from different assemblies or species

Flexible file format

File format flexibility, usual formats + configurable .txt
Also capable to load multi tracks data text files where each column represents a dataset


Switch between projects in a single click

Easy import data from web

UCSC, public sources, …

Multi-files import

Load several files at once

Multi-tracks search

Apply search to all or a selection of tracks

Multi-regions view

With tracks duplications, partial freezing

Easy and flexible tracks configurations

Renderers, colors, apply set up to many tracks at once, move up/down multi-tracks

High-quality vector format (pdf) export (full tracks)

Low memory load/footprint

Support for multi-processors or multi-threadings and multi-platforms [Mac OS, Windows, Linux,…]