Just browse quickly to deep explore your data


You have genomics data to visualise (e.g., NGS or microarray) and are not fully satisfied with classic tools or online tools, gFeatBrowser is for you

  • Keep your data safe on your private network as gFeatBrowser works locally on your desktop.
  • Real time responsive while using pretty low amount of memory, even with large genomic files.
  • Multi-platforms desktop application which does not require Internet so you can use it wherever you want.
  • gFeatBrowser is format flexible, meaning you can directly load any text-based data file as long as it contains genomics interval coordinates. It also supports many existing data formats (e.g., Bam, Bed, BedGraph, BigWig, Wig, GFF, VCF, ...).
  • Assembly free, so you can visualise data for different species or assemblies in the same view (e.g. Human and Mouse, hg19 and hg18,...).
  • Export screen in PNG or PDF format.

gFeatBrowser will improve your productivity and greatly help in getting the maximum from your data.